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Marina Design Services Minnetonka

Tonka Built is your top dock and lift company in Marina Building, MN, and surrounding communities. We provide comprehensive Marina Design services, including installation, repair, removal, and maintenance. Unexpected harsh weather conditions and other factors can put your expensive equipment underwater.

Fortunately, you can easily appreciate your lakefront property, be it during the spring or fall, without a hassle. Tonka Built takes away the hassle by providing installation, removal, and maintenance of Marina docks MN. We install, service, and repair all types of docks and lifts.

Do you want to install a dock or boat lift? Are you looking for a new lift? Worry not; Tonka Built is there to help you.

Dock Services MN

You shouldn’t look further if you are looking to construct a Marina design MN dock. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes it easy for our team to provide safe and efficient installation and removal of docks and other lakefront installations. Our dock services start with a thorough analysis of your lakefront property to determine the most suitable dock based on your unique needs and topography.

Our professionals will take measurements of the area, make precise evaluations, and suggest how the installation, repair, or maintenance should be done. If your seasonal docks are due for removal in anticipation of changing weather conditions, our experts are trained to remove them safely to protect them from snow and ice damage.

At Tonka Built, we strive to provide more than dock services. We want our customers to benefit from the peace of mind and timely services.

Marina docks MN

Boat Lift Services

Boat lifts are important installations that raise your boat level to protect it from damaging elements while ensuring that it remains docked and ready for use. Boat lifts provide unique storage opportunities as they ensure that your boat is protected from water elements without necessarily moving it into the shore.

While boats are designed to be used in water, they shouldn’t be kept continuously in water all year. Moisture damages all surfaces, and boat construction material isn’t an exception. Besides water damage, ice, salt (for saltwater), vegetation, aquatic life, and other minerals in freshwater can damage your boat. Boat lifts keep your watercraft moisture-free while making it easy to use when necessary.

The boat lift installation process varies depending on the type and size of the lift system. There are four main types of boat lifts available on the market.

  • Piling mount boat lift – it relies on electricity but is perfect for water of all depths and the slope of the water surface.
  • Bottom standing boat lift – often installed close to the dock. As such, it is best for shallow water and an even water bottom.
  • Floating boat lift – doesn’t require much to install. It typically involves the use of heavy-duty bags filled with air. The bags are affixed to the boat, creating pressure differences that lift the boat out of water. You can simply deflate the bags when it’s time to sail. Marina floating MN lifts are great for water bodies with fluctuating waves.
  • Suspension boat lift – suspension or cradle boat lifts use strong cables that suspend the watercraft above water.

Boat lift installation occurs in many ways depending on the type. Most lifts in Marina, MN, are installed onto docks, which have outdoor pilings driven into the water bottom. However, some water bodies are narrow or have poor-quality substrates that can’t hold pilings. In such situations, our experts use a special lift system, a boat elevator directly attached to the shore.

Most boat lift manufacturers provide installation manuals for DIY enthusiasts. However, installing a boat lift without prior experience is risky. It is a complicated process and can terribly fail if installed incorrectly. This can damage your boat and risk your safety. As such, you should consider hiring reputable professionals from Tonka Built for your boat lift services.

What are the Costs of Dock and Lift Services?

Despite being risky, most lakefront property owners prefer handling their dock and lift services because of the high costs involved. However, the cost of dock and lift service varies depending on the following:

  • The size of dock and lift – this depends on the size of your watercraft
  • Type of dock or lift
  • Nature of the waterbody – is it salty, freshwater, deep, sloppy, or shallow?
  • Cost of the relevant permits


If you are looking for dock and boat lift services, Tonka Built can help. Call our agents, and we will gladly help.


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