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Boat Docks for Sale Minnetonka

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boat docks for sale in minnesota

Boat Docks for Sale in Minnetonka

You probably already know what a dock is, but just to be sure, let’s define it – A dock is a platform that provides a safe harbor for boats and watercraft. It protects them from weather conditions, including strong winds or waves. This way, the boats are safe when they are docked, which makes it extremely important, especially if you own one. Docks are usually made of wood, but they can also be made of metal or concrete, depending on your needs and preferences.

Tonka Built is a dock installation company that has been in the business for years now. We’ve managed to establish good relationships with our clients by offering only high-quality dock installations at reasonable prices. If you are looking for boat docks for sale in Minnetonka, you can choose Tonka Built to get the best outcome.

Why Should You Own A Dock?

Owning a dock has many advantages, so we recommend everyone buy docks. First of all, having docks will increase property value because it also adds aesthetic value. If you already have one, then consider yourself lucky because few people do!

Second, docked boats are protected from weather conditions that may otherwise harm them or even result in the sinking. Not owning a dock will actually decrease property value which means that you won’t be able to sell the dock later on if you decide to move out of the house. Having a dock also provides extra space on the property, which will allow you to dock more boats or place some other useful objects there.

docks for sale in minnesota
minnesota docks for sale

How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Dock?

Having a dock is great, but even better would be to have it installed, right? Of course, installing docks is not something that we can do by ourselves, so we recommend hiring professionals to come and install your dock for you. The cost of dock installation will depend on the size and type of dock you need. Bigger and stronger dock installations will be more expensive than smaller ones.

We’ll provide our clients with a fixed price quote after they give us all the necessary information about their needs. If you already own a dock, then we also offer dock repairs which may turn out to be a cheaper option in some cases depending on the damage. You can also choose your own dock from our wide range of docks for sale Minnetonka.

If you don’t want to spend too much money on dock installation, then installing a floating dock could be a good idea for you. Floating docks are pretty cheap, yet they provide better services than conventional docks. If you live near the lake, then purchasing a dock could be a great idea because it will provide you with many benefits.

How Do You Know Which Type Of Dock Is Suitable For Your Boat?

In most cases, dock owners have a dock that is already installed on their property when they buy it. First of all, you should know that dock types are divided into two categories – fixed dock and floating dock. The main difference between them is in how they support the boat during dock usage.

The fixed dock will remain in one place, so this means that your boat will have to be lifted up or down depending on its size and weight. This type of dock installation is relatively simple, not very expensive, but you won’t be able to use it for smaller boats.

The floating dock is more suitable if you own small boats. These boats can be moved from one end of the dock to another when there’s water current passing through the dam. When choosing a new dock installation or Minnetonka docks for sale, you should consider your requirements and dock needs; after all, dock installation is a serious investment!



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docks for sale in minnesota

Why Should You Choose Tonka Built For Your Boat Dock Needs?

Tonka Built dock is a professional dock installation company that provides affordable dock services to customers in Minnetonka and also in neighboring states. Our company specializes in floating dock installation, which makes our services unique. In addition, we offer many other services such as dock repairs, dock design, and much more! We always make sure to include customer satisfaction in the equation when it comes to all our projects!


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