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Boat Lift Repair in Minnetonka

Boat lift parts have improved over the years but annual maintenance still goes a long way.  We offer annual cable and pulley greasing, inspect hydraulic lines, and top off fluids keeping them at appropriate levels. 

Along with general lift maintenance, we replace broken or tired cables and pulleys, rebuild hydraulic pumps and electric drive motors, replace hydraulic lines, and offer on site hydraulic fluid flushes.

Your boat lift can be a solid and steady waterfront installation, but it takes poor maintenance and neglect to diminish its efficiency, service life, and safety. The importance of preventive maintenance cannot be overstated; however, some repairs are unavoidable. Worn-out cables, for instance, occur as a result of wear and tear caused by up and down movement, and there’s not much you can do to prevent the cables from wearing out.

The other boat lift repair issues include rusted cables, faulty motors, and sinking piles. Earlier inspection of the steel lifts may help detect corrosion before it worsens. Faulty wirings inside the motor or burnt fuses may damage the motor, and it’s advisable to call in a qualified boat lift technician to check and fix the problem. As far as sinking piles are concerned, poor boat lift installation is always to blame. When installing the boat lift, we often do thorough testing both on the land and the lakeshore to ensure that the pilling is driven adequately into the bedrock and that it can withstand years of adverse wave and ice action.

Failing boat lift controls is another common challenge caused by corroded circuit contacts or electrical faults. Sometimes the problem is with the remote control or the receivers found in the boat lift. This will need expert troubleshooting to quickly diagnose the problem without causing further damage. Regardless of the reasons for boat lift repairs or the level of damage, choosing the right boat lift repair technician is paramount.

Boat Lift Repair Near Me

Are you looking for some dock lift repair near me? Look no further. Our expert crew at Tonka Built has the experience, the resources, and the passion for serving you and getting your boat lift inspected and repaired in the shortest time possible. While repairs will fix the most pressing issues, regular inspection and timely routine maintenance can save your boat lift from costly replacements in the future.


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