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Boat Lift Installation Minnetonka

Minnetonka Docks’ custom work barge is available for spring lift installation. Our barge service is fully insured and our experienced crew inspects each lift serviced for vital annual maintenance.

Our team pays special attention to specific lift placement and proper rigging to protect your lift. Whether placed on firm sand or a mucky bottom, we focus on leveling the lift to avoid stress on the lifting framework.  Our crane has the rating to lift 800lb-15,000lb capacity boat lifts. 

Boat lift installation is one of the critical exercises that determines your safety and the safety of your boat and everything that rests on it. Most boat lifts are installed off the dock using a set of special equipment with a keen reference to the manufacturer’s instructions. Boat lift installation is a highly demanding task that should be left for the pros; otherwise, a costly installation mistake could mess up everything. For instance, you could easily void the warranty if the installation is performed by an uncertified or unauthorized installer.

Similarly, you can avoid faulty installation issues by ensuring that the installer is certified and experienced in handling the specific boat lift you want to be installed. Some of the other factors to look out for before hiring a boat lift installer include the industry experience, whether or not they are fully insured, and the availability of adequate equipment for setup. It won’t hurt to ask your installer about their last installation projects. This way, you’ll know what to expect, and even better, you’ll rest assured knowing your property is safe and in good and reputed hands.

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Boat Lift Installation Near Me

Once you’ve bought your boat lift and are ready to have it installed before the eventful summer, what follows is to look for a licensed professional to do the heavy lifting. At Tonka Built, we’ve amassed a great deal of experience and are comfortable installing different types of boat lifts for use in varying water depths and underwater environs.

Regardless of the size or design of your boat, the water you will be boating in, or how you’ll be lifting your boat in and out of the waters, we’ll carefully come up with a plan to make sure your investment is safe and professionally installed. Boat lift installation can be tedious and demanding, but it’s part of what defines our greatness. Call us today, and we’ll be glad to help you with your boat lift installation.


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