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Dock Repair Minnetonka

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Dock Repair Minnetonka

Docks are exposed to some harsh weather conditions, boating accidents, or may stay in year-round. Whatever the reason your dock needs attention we are here to help.

We offer tarp repair, on-site steel welding for dock brackets, and dock repair services in Minnetonka. Docks that stay year-round may not get destroyed from ice shift but the smallest movement can make for a dangerous dock to walk on or may not suitable for proper mooring.

We can level, adjust, and construct your dock back to a solid structure so your friends and family can safely enjoy the water.  No job is too big or too small!

Having your own dock affords you the option to jump right into the waters, any time of the year, without the hassle of renting or dealing with other boat owners. However, this convenience comes with some added responsibilities, such as regular maintenance and repairs where necessary. That said, the advantages of owning and maintaining your own dock outweigh the inconveniences of renting or sharing one.

As a boat and dock owner, regular inspection is an everyday process. It’s through proper inspection and maintenance that you can easily spot loose parts, rusted bolts, failing hardware, etc., before they result in accidents. One of the advantages of repairing your dock is to ensure the safety factor. You don’t want to risk your life and that of your loved ones due to minor issues such as a slippery surface or broken dock boards.

Regular maintenance will also expand the dock’s lifespan, reducing the need for frequent or major repairs. Considering that several elements are used in constructing a dock, you don’t want to replace the most expensive parts due to a missed maintenance. Another reason for repairing your dock is to avoid potential damage to the boat. Due to the forces of wear and tear, the bolts may loosen, the dock may rot, and the nails may become exposed, scratching your boat or causing accidental falls.

The proper dock maintenance routine requires that you regularly inspect it and always consult a professional in case of a damaged part or safety issue. Where possible, you should schedule a professional inspection service with us once or twice every year, and we’ll run a thorough check to confirm everything is working right and that your dock is safe for the summer fun.

Are you looking for some dock repair near me? Let us know where we can help, and we will be glad to fix your dock and get it in the best working conditions once again.


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