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Floating Dock Systems

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Floating Dock Systems

Floating Dock Systems are the perfect choice for fluctuating bodies of water.

We use both aluminum and steel frames depending on budget, boat size, and the specific water application. Floating docks are not a one size fits all system. Our docks are designed for residents using smaller boats and municipalities mooring charter boats.

Cedar, treated lumber, and composite decking is used depending on the customers wants and needs. Our floating docks have vertical bumpers that have different heights and strengths depending on the size of the boats being moored to the dock.

In addition to being easy to install, floating dock systems Minnetonka come in a variety of compositions and styles. Aluminum is always a popular choice because it’s durable yet lightweight enough for one person to move on his own. Other materials frequently used include interlocking log floats and rubber tires at the ends — floating dump truck bed dock systems. These offer more flexibility than aluminum while providing long-term durability. And just like floating docks, Minnetonka dock systems also let you choose from multi-level or single-level floating systems.

In Minnetonka, floating docks are great for floating up to a cabin or cottage. You can even choose floating dock systems as an alternative for floating docks made of wood that require maintenance every year, which usually includes painting and staining the structure as well as attaching new deck boards.

Pairing our endless designs with our in field experience, Tonka Built has the right floating dock for you!


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