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Tonka Built has been servicing all types of docks for well over a decade.  We know what works and we know the failure points in other dock systems. With countless hours servicing like products, we took our firsthand knowledge and started small by manufacturing our own parts in 2012. With customer satisfaction and demand, Minnetonka Docks started a manufacturing company, Tonka Built, in 2018.

Tonka Built has left no detail overlooked.  We proudly use American Made, schedule 40, lab tested/certified steel and it shows in superior quality and strength.  We have worked closely with our design team to develop a product that is within the tightest tolerances in our industry. Using a 5 Axis Multi Position Laser Cutter to fabricate our 90-degree coupler for transitions, we are producing a product that is stronger and more consistent than ever before!  Lakes are busier, boats are bigger, and storms are damaging, so we built a part to protect your investment. As well as strength, our CAD Architecture implementation keeps our fabrication team efficient and consistent within our strictly set tolerances, offering quality dock parts at a very competitive rate for our distributors and direct customers.

Once a manufactured part has passed a vigorous inspection checklist, it is sent out for a hot dipped galvanized finished coat.  The galvanizing bonds to the manufactured steel part providing a long term, multi layered, corrosion resistant, zinc-iron coating.  What does this mean for the customer?  A part that will not breakdown and will look great for a lifetime!

A product is only as good as the staff behind the work.  Tonka Built’s lead fabricator, Nick Farley, has been working in the metal fabrication and the commercial steel industries for over 25 years.  Nick holds a Certified Welding License through the State of Minnetonka.  Nick’s initial State of Minnetonka Training consisted of 50 hours with a Minnetonka State Certified Welder as well as successfully passing a non-destructive weld inspection through wave form analysis.  Nick’s knowledge and skill ranks him higher than the competition.  Along with a great skill set, Nick is the Lieutenant on the Mound Fire Department, father of 5, and an active member in and around the Lake Minnetonka Community.  Through his insight and 25 years of hands on experience in the dock industry, Tonka Built has created a superior product in an industry that requires quality and dependability.


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