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Boat Lift Removal in Minnetonka

Tonka Built’ custom work barge is available for fall lift removal. Our barge service is fully insured and our experienced crew inspects each lift serviced for vital annual maintenance. Our staff pays special attention to specific lift placement and proper rigging to protect your lift.

Whether stored on a sand beach or steep bank our crane reaches 40’ so we can safely place your lift on all property types.  We offer off-site lift storage for those who don’t want to look at the lift or just don’t have enough space on their lakeshore.

Your boat lift is a worthwhile investment that requires proper care and maintenance to prolong its life and reap the many benefits it has to offer. Besides regular inspections and maintenance, your boat lift should be stored somewhere safe and sheltered during winter. Leaving your boat lift in the water during the freezing weather may cause it to break due to the increased pressure caused by ice build-up.

Throughout the colder months, Lake Minnetonka freezes, turning into a winter frenzy. At this time, your dock, boatlift, and perhaps your boat should be stored somewhere safe from the harsh weather. However, it’s not a must to remove all lifts during winter. It all depends on the make of the boat lift and what’s indicated in the operator’s manual. For instance, dock-mounted lifts, which rotate, should be rolled over to the docsecured.

Our boat lift removal services are designed for the everyday boat owner who needs their boat lifts removed by trusted professionals who can assure the safety of their property. When disassembling your boat lift, we pay keen attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid the risks of voiding the warranty. Additionally, we keep all the small components such as bolts and small hardware in a safe and marked storage box. This way, we avoid losing or misplacing the essential components, which are critical during parts assembly.

Depending on the type of boat lift, we will advise you on what to do to protect it during winter. Cable boat lift, for example, may survive the harsh winter without voiding its warranty or risking damage from snow and ice. However, this isn’t always the case with other boat lifts. By working with us, you get to enjoy convenient services offered by certified professionals. And the best part? We are fully insured and will cover for damages in case of accidents or/and damage to your boat lift.


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