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Tonka Bay MN Dock and Lift Service

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Tonka Built is a premium full-service company specializing in residential waterfront services. We combine decades of experience and exceptional customer service to provide reliable services in Lake Minnetonka and surrounding water bodies.

Our team of competent, well-trained technicians has specialist skills to install or remove your dock and boat lift. Our repair and maintenance services ensure your waterfront accessories are in perfect condition.

At Tonka Built, we have a custom barge and advanced waterfront service equipment, making us adept at handling complex projects. Whether you want to install, remove, maintain, or restore your dock and boat lift, Tonka Built makes the process easy and hassle-free.

Services We Offer in Tonka Bay MN

Dock Installation: Our diverse team has high-level skills to take care of your dock installation in Tonka Bay, MN. We understand that spring is exciting for waterfront recreation enthusiasts. We have high-end equipment to ensure safe and perfect dock installation.

Dock Repair: Continuous exposure to the elements can make your dock prone to degradation, compromising the structural integrity. With vast experience in working with different dock systems and designs, our team provides reliable deck repair in Tonka Bay, MN.

Dock Removal: Removing your dock from the water in the fall protects your equipment from harsh winter. We understand the value of your dock, and we engage qualified technicians for insured dock removal in Tonka Bay, MN, to protect your equipment from accidental damage.

Lift Installation: We understand the complexities of lift installation projects, so we take our technicians through rigorous training to ensure we are leaders in deck installation in Tonka Bay, MN and boat lift installation in Tonka Bay, MN. Our experience and efficient equipment ensure flawless installation for the best performance.

Lift Repair: Boat lifts are robust equipment that can serve you for many years. Nevertheless, motors, cables, and winches can develop issues. Our specialists understand all aspects of every lift design to ensure quick and reliable boat lift repair in Tonka Bay, MN and dock lift repair in Tonka Bay, MN.

Lift Removal: Icy waters in winter can compromise the longevity of your boat lift, but we are committed to protecting your investment. We offer quick and safe boat lift removal in Tonka Bay, MN. We’ll also inspect the equipment before storage.

Decking:  We design and build durable decks using Western Red Cedar and high-quality sealants to enhance strength. Our decking services in Tonka Bay, MN, offer multiple designs and materials. We ensure safety and easy maintenance with custom aluminum sideboards and Titan Poly Decking.

Barge: Tonka Built has a versatile custom-made barge with outstanding capabilities to complete any waterfront project. With a 63-foot crane and optimum maneuverability, we can provide same-day barge services in Tonka Bay, MN depending on your project scope.

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You can rely on our comprehensive services for dock and boat lift installation, repair, and removal. We have a qualified team of technicians ready to handle all these tasks. Contact us today for immediate services.

Contact us today by phone at 952-221-5340 or email [email protected] for any questions or suggestions, and we’ll get back to you.


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