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Spring Park MN Dock and Lift Service

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Spring Park MN

If you are like many people who own some waterfront properties and watercraft, then you find the idea of installing a dock quite compelling. Typically, you want to choose a dock design that meets your needs and expectations. That would often mean doing your research and experimenting with many options before making the final decision.

At Tonka Built, we have been in the business for decades, and we pride ourselves as a full-service dock company with a keen focus on dock, lift, and boathouse installation, removal, and repairs. We also sell lifts, docks, and a couple of lakeshore accessories. Below is a quick overview of the main services we offer:

Services We Offer in Spring Park MN

Dock Installation: Installing a dock can be a lot of work. You also want to have it done professionally. With our deck installation in Spring Park, MN, we pay attention to the finer details, from safety to convenience. installation.

Dock Repair:  Regular dock maintenance goes a long way in ensuring safe and reliable boating. Call our crew should you need expert deck repair in Spring Park, MN.

Dock Removal: To minimize the risks of damage to your dock, you should have it dissembled and carefully removed before winter sets in. Contact us, and we’d love to help with your dock removal in Spring Park, MN.

Lift Installation: Investing in a boatlift help enhance your boating experience. Still, the boat lift should be installed correctly to avoid injuries or damage. Call us today, and we’ll help with your boat lift installation in Spring Park, MN.

Lift Repair: Every time you need some boat or dock lift repair or maintenance done, you should consult a professional repair company. Reach out to us for dock or boat lift repair in Spring Park, MN, and our technicians would be glad to be of help.

Lift Removal: Your boat lift can easily get damaged during winter, so you should have it removed before the extreme weather. Our team has the expertise to offer exceptional boat lift removal in Spring Park, MN.

Decking: Need a lakeside front deck for catching up with friends and family while enjoying the calming scenery? Look no further. We’ll help you design the perfect deck that meets your safety, durability, and maintenance needs.

Barge:  If you want to transport heavy or delicate products or materials over water, we have you covered. Our exclusive barge service in Spring Park, MN, ensures that your cargo reaches the exact destination safely and conveniently.

Spring Park MN


You can rely on our comprehensive services for dock and boat lift installation, repair, and removal. We have a qualified team of technicians ready to handle all these tasks. Contact us today for immediate services.

Contact us today by phone at 952-221-5340 or email [email protected] for any questions or suggestions, and we’ll get back to you.


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