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Shorewood MN Dock and Lift Service

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Shorewood MN

Building a dock is among the best way to get the most out of your waterfront property. It also increases property value. If you are an avid watersports fan, own a boat, or like fishing, docks come in handy in many ways. Docks and boat lifts are beneficial installations for any waterfront properties in Shorewood, MN.

Unfortunately, building a dock and servicing lifts shouldn’t be done by everyone. You need a lot of know-how and experience to construct a steady and reliable dock or service the lift. That aside, docks and lifts need regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and provide protection from harsh weather conditions. For these and more services, don’t hesitate to contact Tonka Built.

Services We Offer in Shorewood MN

Dock Installation: Our professional team at Tonka Built has years’ worth of experience in dock installation. We ensure our clients are ready and well prepared to live a comfortable lake life. We are insured and use the latest equipment to assure a quality installation.

Dock Repair: if your lake dock needs repair, call our office to book a service appointment. Our service managers will reach out to learn more about the type of dock on your property, your dock concerns, and suggest appropriate repairs. Our dock lift repair Shorewood, MN professionals, certainly won’t disappoint.

Dock Removal: Harsh winter conditions often make it necessary to remove your boat dock. Otherwise, you will have to budget for maintenance and repairs once winter is over. With many years of experience and maximum attention to detail, you can trust our team with dock removal Shorewood, MN.

Lift Installation: Unlike boat docks, boat lifts are very delicate to install and require undivided attention. At Tonka Built, we offer expert boat lift installation Shorewood, MN. Our experts are always on standby to help. Contact us for more about our services.

Lift Repair: Boat lifts are exposed to wear and tear and may start acting out over time. Repairing minor problems in your lift prevents future expensive repairs. Engage our expert technicians in boat lift repair Shorewood, MN, to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Lift Removal: You shouldn’t stress out when it’s time to remove your boat lift from the water. While this may seem complicated, our boat lift removal Shorewood, MN, technicians can safely disassemble the lift for easier assembly later.

Decking: At Tonka Built, we offer expert deck installation Shorewood, MN. From the simple installation of deck railings and lights to elaborate multi-level decks, our team is there to change the appearance of your garden. We also provide professional deck repair Shorewood, MN, in case of arising issues.

Barge: Tonka Built is a full-service dock installation and lifts service company. As such, we also offer wide-ranging barge service Shorewood, MN. Reach out if you want to service or move your dock or lift.

Shorewood MN


You can rely on our comprehensive services for dock and boat lift installation, repair, and removal. We have a qualified team of technicians ready to handle all these tasks. Contact us today for immediate services.

Contact us today by phone at 952-221-5340 or email [email protected] for any questions or suggestions, and we’ll get back to you.


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