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Long Lake Dock and Lift Service

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Long Lake Boat and Dock

Regular inspection and maintenance of your boat, dock, and lift accessories can help spot any repairs early enough so you can avoid further damages and costly replacements.

At Tonka built, we pride ourselves on the wide range of products and services we offer to our esteemed clients in and around Lake Minnetonka. Residents living in Long Lake now have access to our wide range of boat lifts, boathouses, and decks, designed with high-end precision to ensure comfort and safety. We also offer boat lift installation, repair, and removal, as well as dock repairs and removal in Long Lake.

Services We Offer

Dock Installation: Our experienced staff uses sophisticated dock installation equipment to ensure your dock is stable and comfortable. We value your property and, more so, your safety, and you can always turn to our dock installation in Long Lake for an exceptional lakeshore experience.

Dock Repair: If your dock needs some adjustments, on-site steel welding, leveling, or tarp repairs, we are ready to give you a hand. For a dock that has stayed in the water all year round, we’ll do a thorough dock inspection to check and fix any loose parts, failing hardware, rusted bolts, etc.

Dock Removal: At Tonka built, we offer dock removal in Long Lake, ensuring that all parts of your dock are gently dismantled and stored safely until the following summer. If you aren’t ready to tow your dock after the removal, we do have a safe and protected place where we can keep your dock for a small fee.

Lift Installation: With decades of experience installing boat lifts from different manufacturers, we understand what it takes to avoid faulty installation issues and even accidental damages. Our lift installation in Long Lake serves clients with varying sizes and designs of lifts, and the best part is that we are fully insured and certified to install lifts in varying water depths.

Lift Repair: Boatlift repair issues such as faulty motors, rusted cables, or sinking piles can lead to downtime, wasting your precious time. Our technicians offer personalized lift repair in Long Lake, where they help troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix your lift with high-end precision and expertise.

Lift Removal: Ice buildup during winter can easily damage your boat lift. We help boat owners get their lifts out of the waters before Lake Minnetonka begins to freeze. As part of our lift removal in Long Lake, we pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid unnecessary damages or voiding warranties.

Barge: Our barge services in Long Lake help contractors and boat owners transport materials across the lake. Our technicians also use the barge to restore storm-damaged docks or flipped lifts, helping you get your property in shape and back on the water.

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At Tonka Built, we have the right equipment and tools to make sure you have a good time at the lake. Serving clients in Lake Minnetonka and nearby lakes since 2002, we understand the unique dynamics of our customers around this area. Our crew is experienced and committed to providing a reliable, secure, and safe service.

Contact us today, and we'll be happy to discuss how we can make your life easier. We are here for you. Call 952-221-5340.


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