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Greenwood Dock and Lift Service

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Greenwood Deck

With nearly two decades in the industry, we have forged a reputation around the exceptional dock and lift services plus a selection of high-quality docks, lifts, and other lakeshore accessories – all available at competitive prices. At Tonka Built, we understand the needs of the people around Lake Minnetonka and are committed to offering the best products and services that will meet and even exceed their expectations.

From the custom-designed boathouses to the classic boat lifts, all our products have been engineered for safety, precision, and comfort. We have also specialized in installing, removing, and repairing docks and boat lifts, and you can always trust us for a suite of services around the Lake Minnetonka area.

Services We Offer

Dock Installation Greenwood: We leverage our decades of experience to ensure your dock is professionally installed to avoid any stability issues. To achieve the best results, we use high-precision tools and equipment that make the installation process quick, safe, and convenient.

Dock Repair Greenwood: Rotten woods, rusted metallic parts, and cracks in the dock supports are signs that your property needs urgent repairs. Our licensed technicians will assess the level of damage before proceeding to fix your dock. If your dock lift needs some servicing, you can also turn to our dock lift repair in Greenwood, and we would love to be of help.

Dock Removal Greenwood: Regardless of the time of the year, we will always work with your schedule to get your dock removed and stored somewhere safe from the harsh weather. Simply contact us, and our technicians will readily jump into the water and get the job done.

Boat Lift Installation Greenwood : We install boat lifts of varying sizes and designs in the Lake Minnetonka area. Our team is well-versed with all the installation techniques and procedures from different manufacturers, and the best part? We’re fully insured, so you don’t have to worry about accidental damages.

Boat Lift Repair Greenwood: Once your boat lift starts acting up, you can always turn to our Tonka Built technicians for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting. Whether the problem is in the electrical system or the mechanical parts, we’ve got you covered.

Boat Lift Removal Greenwood: Looking to get your boat lift out of the water before the winter freeze sets in? Talk to us, and we’ll get the job done for you. Our technicians pay keen attention to the manufacturer’s instructions to get your lift out in one piece.

Barge Services Greenwood: Our custom-built barge is designed for servicing docks and boat lifts, product and material transport, and other heavy-duty services such as restoring your lakeside property from storm damage. Regardless of your needs, we’re ready to help.

Greenwood Deck Installation


AT Tonka Built, quality services, safety, and customer satisfaction are our topmost priorities. Our experienced technicians go the extra mile to provide all our customers with exceptional services and high-end products – from durable dock systems to high-quality cable lifts and dock accessories.

Contact us today by phone at 952-221-5340 or email [email protected] for any questions or suggestions, and we’ll get back to you.


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