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Excelsior Dock and Lift Service

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As an insured full-service dock company, Tonka Built is a specialist in dock and lift services. With two decades of experience and a commitment to customer safety and exceptional customer service, Tonka Built has offered its services in Lake Minnetonka and other nearby lakes.

Besides being experts in installing and removing boat lifts and docks, our team of specialist technicians can maintain and do repair jobs on your dock or boat lift.

At Tonka Built, we have a superior custom-built barge and other modern equipment, making us capable of handling jobs that would be unfeasible for less-equipped companies.

Services We Offer

Dock Installation: Let our experienced technicians take care of your dock installation in Excelsior to ensure you have a good time in the lake. Equipped with assorted state-of-the-art equipment, our team ensures your equipment is safely and professionally set up.

Dock Repair: Your dock is exposed to harsh weather that can compromise its structural integrity rendering it dangerous to use. Our experienced technicians are conversant with all types of dock systems, so you can be confident you’ll get the best dock repair in Excelsior.

Dock Removal: When the fall gets here, you need to get your equipment out of the lake. As a fully insured company with competent technicians, we ensure efficient dock removal in Excelsior. After removal, we ensure docks are neatly stacked and organized for quick re-installation.

Lift Installation: We are the best providers of reliable lift installation in Excelsior. Our team of technicians is taken through regular training to ensure competence in all aspects of lift system installations. With sufficient experience and modern equipment, we ensure optimum boat lift performance.

Lift Repair: Most boat lift systems can last several years, but some parts like motors, winches, and cables will eventually succumb to regular wear and tear. Our experienced technicians can handle all lift brands, and we offer dependable boat lift repair in Excelsior.

Lift Removal: Leaving your boat lift in the water during winter can cause significant damages. We are here to help you look after your equipment by offering professional and efficient lift removal in Excelsior. Our technicians also inspect your lift system for defects.

Barge: Our barge is custom-built, and it’s capable of handling all water projects. We offer the best barge services in Excelsior. Besides outstanding maneuverability, our barge has a 63-foot reach to ensure we can work in spots where other barges would be insufficient.



At Tonka Built, we have the right equipment and tools to make sure you have a good time at the lake. Serving clients in Lake Minnetonka and nearby lakes since 2002, we understand the unique dynamics of our customers around this area. Our crew is experienced and committed to providing a reliable, secure, and safe service.

Contact us today, and we'll be happy to discuss how we can make your life easier. We are here for you. Call 952-221-5340.


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