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Dock Assembly

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Dock Assembly

Our Manufactured dock system begins with the our choice in steel. Our use of high tensile strength, American made steel, is the best way to ensure the strongest structure. Our precision laser cut coupler for 90 degree joints (Manufactured by a local fabrication shop) is the strongest on the market. Attention to detail and our quality control team inspect all products before and after assembly. 3.5′, 4′, 5′, 7′,8′ and 10′ widths are our standard sizes. Custom dimensions and configurations are available upon request!!!

While dock assembly may look simple enough to make it a DIY project, you want to weigh the potential risks you expose yourself to. First, a poorly assembled dock means it lacks the structural strength and stability it’s designed to have. Additionally, being untrained and unprofessional, any mistake you make could translate to safety issues or damage to property.

Assembling all the dock parts before installation can be overwhelming, and it requires a great deal of experience to call it a success. Not everyone can competently put together the intricate and complex dock parts due to the varying sizes and designs of bench mounts, dock frames, and other assembly parts. Manufacturer’s assembly guides can also be confusing, making it even more challenging for untrained hands.

With several years in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of dock assembly, the possible challenges, and how to avoid damaging the critical components that could void the manufacturer’s warranty. We exercise caution from the initial point of laying out the dock frames, attaching the trusses, to tightening all the assembly hardware. We understand how safety and durability are crucial for any waterfront structure and are keen to stick to the assembly guide if there are special instructions to follow. Similarly, we pay attention to details, ensuring each type of washes, bolts, and nuts fits in the correct positions to avoid some seemingly insignificant assembly errors which could negatively affect the dock’s functionality down the line.

At Tonka Built, our technicians are professionally trained, licensed, and fully insured, meaning your dock is covered in case of damage during assembly. We will also advise you on the best maintenance practices to ensure your dock stays strong and safe all year long. Regardless of the dock type, design, size, or assembly instructions, you can trust our experienced technicians to take care of everything for you.


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